Saturday, May 23, 2009

Spring flowers

I was looking at the pictures of Springs flowers that I took last year and they give me hope that after all the heavy snow of this winter, there will be color and flowers again.

Spring is my favorite season! I love the colors of the flowers around my home.

Pink poppies!

What a wonderful surprise my aunt sent to me from Port Orchard Washington. She has fabulous gardens around her Puget Sound home, and sent me some cutting of her Oriental Pink Poppies and Siberian Orchids. What a wonderful gift.

My Dad

Isn't my Dad the cutest guy you've ever seen? He took me out to dinner at all his favorite spots.

My Brother, John and my sister-in- law, Katie

I had a great time visiting my brother John, and his wife, Katie, in Redlands, California. They treated me like royalty!

My Dad's Cockatiel ~ Gabby

When visiting my Dad in California, we were able to convince his cockatiel to come out of its cage for the first time. Hurrah!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

THE END!!!!!!! Week 9 thing 23

I love my job because I am able to say that I learn something new everyday here at the library. And I work at one of the small branches. Every question that comes up from a patron, the phone, or a staff member is an opportunity to find out something new. It is always interesting with unexpected learning.
This experience with O What a Geek! was a lot more challenging than our everyday learning experiences. It involved a lot of time, work and frustration. However, we were exposed to a lot of web technology that we would not have ever explored on our own. It really did expand our comfortable horizons.

Looking at YouTube and My Library Thing were some of the exercises that I enjoyed the most. I will certainly continue using My Library Thing to keep track of the books I read and discover some new authors that might fit into my world.
Thank you for the opportunity to be a "Lifelong Learner."

Week 9 Thing 22

I love the fact that you can download movies and books from the library. I think this is really a service to the our customers. So many people have such diverse needs and wants, that the library (books) cannot fulfill all that the public wants. My Library DV is a valuable tool to offer. Having tried the downloadable books, I will continue to enjoy the real thing because I like the comfort of sitting in a chair, couch, or bed to read. The movies are a different matter because you cannot always get what you want, even with Blockbuster and Cable.
I created a guest account for:
TumbleBookLIbrary and pasted the name and password here so I won't forget.
Your free trial is all set up: Just log on to:
Username: suzansorensen
Password: trial

TumbleBookLibrary has a lot of fun additions to the video children's books, but even with all they have to offer I didn't find Madeline, Curious George,etc. I watched Lola at the Library, and did see that they had the Librarian of Basra. but there are some limits to what they can offer. A real library with real books will always have an important place in our world.

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